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Pictured here, a sea of bright yellow and maroon blossoms of Plains Coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria) is a dazzling site! This re-seeding native wildflower lights up prairies, highways, roadsides, and flower plantings all across the country. It is one of our most widespread native wildflowers. In fact, the USDA plant range map lists Plains Coreopis in all but four states of the US (including Hawaii) and nearly all the bordering provinces of Canada. This easy-to-grow annual begins blooming in June, in mid-latitudes, lasting into October in some areas, producing lacy foliage and abundant seed for next year.

Enjoy Plains Coreopsis alone or as part of a wildflower or native grass mix. Check out our store for seed of Plains Coreopsis or eight different wildflower mixes containing it: Butterfly Wildflowers, Continuous Color, Ozark Naturals, Highway Wildflowers, Southeast Native Wildflowers, Western Wildflowers, Shortgrass Prairie Flowers, and the Native Upland Wildlife Meadow Mix.


Habitat Seed Mixtures for Wildlife, Native Grass Mixes, and New Wildflower Seed Mixes

Seed them now for summer and fall wildflowers, wildlife habitat enhancement and colorful flowers. Native flower seed mixes and grass seed mixes are great for adding diversity and creating water-filtering ecosystems. We now offer seed mixes that fall into each of these categories:

Wildlife Mixes--contain flowers, grasses, sedges, etc. to encourage a diversity of wildlife.
Native Grass Mixes--grass seed combinations that emulate a Tallgrass Prairie environment (for average to moist soils), Shortgrass Prairie seed mix (for average to drier areas), and our Southeastern Native Grass Mix for hotter, humid southern regions. Sow grasses alone or with a mix of matching wildflower species. Convert an entire pasture or a small corner of your landscape to add some native prairie to the natural fabric of where you live!
Wildflower Seed Mixes for color, shade, butterflies, or groundcover; for simulating short- or tall-grass prairie ecosystems; and regional mixes for the Ozark Plateau, Southeastern or Western U.S.

Check out our secure on-line store for a complete list of seed mixes or see our seed mixes description page.


Small bright faces smile at me.
Wildflowers everywhere I see.
In the breeze they nod and sway
Like little children out to play.

-- Carl G. Hunter (1923-2005)

Naturalist, poet, nature photographer, speaker, author, and advocate of the use of wildflowers to beautify Arkansas highways, parks, and backyards ...
And a dear friend to us at Holland Wildflower Farm.

Coming soon: a descriptive and pictorial lesson on the Carl Hunter method of sowing seeds for a cottage-type wildflower garden (a.k.a. "painting with seeds")!
Also, future articles on:
Is It Too Late in the Season to Plant?
Wildflower Plot Maintenance
Judging the Success of Your Wildflower Planting

Stay tuned . . .

More About Holland Wildflower Farm

Holland Wildflower Farm is a regional supplier of wild flower seeds. The company began as a nursery business in 1985 by Bob and Julie Holland, ecologists by training, later specializing in botany and plant pathology. We have been experimenting with native and naturalized plants from seed for 23 years. It is our goal to provide quality wild flower seed and introduce new seed varieties for use in naturalizing gardens.
"Landscaping with wild flowers was easy, the right kind of landscaping for a busy home and family, where things come back and naturalize. I thought there must be others interested in natural landscaping using native plants. That's how Holland Wildflower Farm was born, as a need for native plants from seed." - Julie Holland

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