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Background on HWF

Who we are...
Holland Wildflower Farm is a regional supplier of wildflower seeds. The company began as a nursery business in 1985 by Bob and Julie Holland, ecologists by training in botany and plant pathology. We have been experimenting with native and naturalized plants from seed for 18 years. IT IS OUR GOAL TO PROVIDE QUALITY WILDFLOWER SEED AND INTRODUCE NEW SEED VARIETIES FOR USE IN NATURALIZING GARDENSespecially in the Ozark Mtns , and other similar temperate climates around the WORLD.

How we got here from there...
During college years, Bob and Julie spent time studying biology, geology and ecology in Oklahoma, Oregon and California. Julie says that when they bought a small farm in Elkins, Arkansas they decided to experiment with wildflowers in their home landscape. Julie explains, "Landscaping with wildflowers was easy, the right kind of landscaping for a busy home and family, where things come back and naturalize. I thought there must be others interested in natural landscaping using native plants. That's how Holland Wildflower Farm was born, a NEED FOR NATIVE PLANTS FROM SEED"

What we do at Holland Wildflower Farm...
We are an experimental company in more than one way. We put together wildflower seed mixtures that provide for exciting ground covering possibilities available for those whose individuality and own wildness will not allow them to be lawnmasters. (It comes from a distain for lawnmowers I believe ):-) We provide and list nearly 70 different seed varieties with any type of naturalizing flower seed or grass seed accessible. We are able to consult with you on any project large or small for a very reasonable fee--Free. That's us spending time through phone or e-mail to help you achieve the desired results for your project. We are researching new varieties such as the American Basketflower , a native annual with great naturalizing potential PLUS its a good butterfly attractor and cut flower. Queen Anne's lace is abundant in the Ozarks but sought after by many gardeners. We can produce it and we are. So many others are just awaiting trial & production....

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